Gift Certificate – Give someone a website of their own or Give someone the gift of a Blogging Seminar – Cost is $ 250

Give the gift of Wordpress
Here a very unique gift to give to someone special to you. Why not give that special someone or a friend or a colleague this GREAT GIFT IDEA. 1) A simple website ( blog or simple business site up to 5 pages ). For $ 250 this gift gives you a nice and clean simple Wordpress site created in 5-7 days. You can pick from an assortment of 6 different Wordpress templates. 2) You can give the gift of a 4 hour Wordpress blogging seminar in any of these locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York City. (more…)

WordPress and Automatic getting serious competition from Square Space

Article by Christina Warren Squarespace, the all-in-one publishing/commerce platform, announced Squarespace 7 on Tuesday. To celebrate the new release, which touts integration with Getty Images and Google, the New York-based company held its first press conference to show off the new product. Squarespace allows individuals and businesses to easily setup their own websites and online shops and it does it with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Squarespace was founded by Anthony Casalena in early 2004 from his University of Maryland dorm room. Using a $30,000 loan from his fathe...

How to fix a hacked WordPress site ?

Most recently I noticed some strange activity in one of my Wordpress sites. My regular username and supposedly secure password won't even work anymore. The site won't even allow me to recover my password using the email method. Instead it gave me a different log-in method which I will show you later. Needless to say, I did not proceed. If I did I will be giving my PW to the hacker. Instead I will delete the database on this site and start a new one.     Here are a few lessons I learned from a security expert: Logins and Passwords: It’s time to take charge of your passwords. Most likely – lik...

WIFI Tips – Don’t get hacked.

Marsh says on Yelp I love having free WiFi access! Most folks don't realize this, but if you're in a location that doesn't require a password to log in to the WiFi, your computer is wide open to an attack! If a WiFi network uses a password, logging in establishes a secure, encrypted connection between you and the server. This cannot be easily hacked. This is true even if the whole world knows the password! If the network does not require a password, this is an open connection and anyone with the right knowledge or software can hack your machine without you even knowing it. If you log in on a...