Elementor vs. Gutenberg

Gutenberg is better :

Gutenberg is a viable alternative for Elementor if you:

  • Don’t want to get too crazy with content. For example, you’re mainly looking for buttons, tables, stuff like that.
  • Are using a mostly single column layout. Yes, Gutenberg does have columns…but they’re not great right now, so it would be frustrating to rely on them a lot.
  • Don’t care about being able to perfectly align every piece of content. If you aren’t familiar with padding and margins, you might be fine with using the basic Gutenberg alignment options along with the Spacer block.
  • Don’t care about detailed styling, either. For example, if having to try a few different blocks until you find one that le

Elementor is better:

Well, literally everything that isn’t one of those scenarios above. If you want to: Have full control over styles, spacing, etc. Use pre-built widgets instead of workarounds (e.g. just drop in an icon box) Create designs that differ from your theme’s default styling. Work with flexible column layouts. …you get the idea.
Elementor hero section