Online New York WordPress Crash Course for beginners

Learn how to build your travel blog, personal blog, or your business website in a couple of hours. My full day and half-day Online WordPress training is perfect for any entrepreneurs, startup business, non-profits, or small business person. I am available to meet remotely or in person ( starting January 10,2020 ) depending on the … Read more

Baltimore WordPress Workshops for beginners

Baltimore online WordPress training for beginners Build a website in 2-sessions in this fun and informative WordPress Bootcamp. Perfect for travel/food bloggers, small business owners, and non-profits. Available Dates: Aug. 24 – Oct. 24. 2020. Available online anytimeWorkshop Fees: Starts at $ 600 per person for 12 hours of one-on-one training. Online workshops starts at … Read more

Order of leviathan

Message for Siteground . We are having issues logging into one of my clients WordPress sites which is parked under a domain in Cpanel. All the pages are viewable or Chrome and Firefox browsers. Our problem is being able to login inside the WordPress dashboard. Can you fix this.? we cannot login using wp-admin or … Read more

5 Tips on choosing the right keywords

Think like a customer. Identify your target audience and put yourself into the shoes of a customer when you create your initial list of keywords. Ask yourself, ‘If I wanted to find one of these products or services, what would I type into Google?’ You can also consult others, such as friends, family members, or … Read more

Key Factors to determine keywords to target on your site

Search Volume The first factor to consider is how many people (if any) are actually searching for a given keyword.The more people there are searching for a keyword, the bigger the audience you stand to reach. Conversely, if no one is searching for a keyword, there is no audience available to find your content through … Read more

Albuquerque Blogging Workshop for Beginners

WordPress Online crash course for bloggers in Albuquerque or Sta Fe., New Mexico.. WordPress is in the top ranking CMS for blogging tools. Got a story to share, a business to promote, or products to sell ? Then sign up for my blogging seminar for entrepreneurs, creative artists, and bloggers. Workshop Dates: Aug. 24 – … Read more

Newspaper Theme – CSS Hacks

I am currently working on a client site and they asked me for a couple of custom edits. I purchase this awesome WordPress Newspaper them by TagDiv. Here is there demo site. I choose the Lifestyle Blog layout However, I am going nuts trying to figure how to fix this two problems I need to … Read more