Ecommerce Crash Course for Beginners in Los Angeles

  • WP Guru 

Topics covered in my 5-hour WordPress Crash Course

1) How to set up your domain name and web hosting. 2) How to create a sitemap to organize content for your new website. 3) WordPress basics – You will learn to create content using post and pages. 4) WordPress Plugins – You will be using Woo E-commerce which is the most popular plugins for creating E-Commerce sites using the WordPress engine. 5) Selecting a template – I will assist you in searching the best E-commerce templates for your new site. 6) Learn how to create products and add prices and shipping.

Workshop Dates & Locations :  Oct. 25 – Nov. 15, 2019  
Workshop  Fees:
$ 250- $ 650  per person ( depends on how many sessions and days .)

What you need to bring: Laptop ( no Ipads), Notepad, pens, open mind Workshop time: 10 am – 3 pm, noon- 5 pm, 5-10 pm About your instructor: Elle is a full-time WordPress developer and WP instructor for the last 10 years and very active with the WordPress community. He has built over 120 sites with WordPress the last few years. For more details on the workshop, visit my site