Here is an important list of questions for first timers new to the CMS system using PHP & MySQL ( Database ) for WordPress
1) What are your reasons for signing up for a workshop ?
2) What is your current skill level with WordPress ?
3) Have you created a website from scratch before ?
4) Are you an individual who want to learn WordPress on your own or are you a company/non-profit that needs
Wordpress training for your staff and employees ?
5) What is your skill levels with HTML and CSS ?
6) How new are you to web design & the internet ?
7) Other than dreamweaver skills, what other skills do you have to help you master WordPress, HTML, & CSS?
8) How familiar are you with the Control Panel of your hosting company ? Do you know how to register domains and subdomains? Do you know how to install the CMS software into your domain ?
9) Are you one of those people who hired a professional web designer to create your site and now you want to learn how to maintain the site yourself ? Do you want to save money by not having your web designer/developer make changes to the site ?
10) Are you familiar with using Premium WordPress templates ?
11) Are you a graphic designer and lack web skills ? Does your clients want you to create websites for them? Do you outsource your web projects ? Or do you prefer the design the sites yourself ?
12) Do you want to master HTML and CSS ?
13) Do you want to learn how to modify and customize templates ?
14) Do you have any experience in graphics, Photoshop, and Indesign programs ?