Your web instructor

My name is Elle Gamboa and I have been a web developer for 12 years and a web instructor for 3 years now. I have taught WordPress to over 500 students since starting 2009 in addition to teaching Drupal and Joomla workshops one-on-one or in a group setting. Its been a lot of fun teaching and watching my students progress in their learning. Web design and programming is a highly technical skill that can be learn in a few sessions. You don’t need to go to extensive classes in schools to learn WordPress unless you planned to be a web programmer like me. You can also learn WordPress online through several websites. The best one I can recommend is They charged about $ 25 a month or something.

And also in addition to teaching WordPress, HTML/CSS, Facebook/Social Media, and Google Analytics/SEO class I design and programmed WordPress websites from scratch. At I worked with a great team of developers, coders,and graphic designers. We can build any custom WordPress site from the ground up. It can be a simple blog, a business site, or a E-commerce site. Just shoot me an email and I will response back to you soon.


Also I will be involved in a Pro bono project teaching WordPress and programming to homeless teenage girls at Lauri Burn’s
Teenage Shelter. Visit their site.