Nashville WordPress Training for Beginners – Create a blog or site in one day

Great class for Startups & Entrepreneurs.
Create your online business with WordPress.

Workshop Dates : December 1-9  , 2017 only

Workshop Fees : $ 325 for a 1-Day Class, $ 600 for a 2 Day Class. All workshops by appointments. Bring a friend and pay only $ 450 for 2 people ( valid only for dates above ).

I will be coming to Nashville, Tennessee again to teach WordPress and Web Design fundamentals to staffs at Startups and incubators. I will be teaching 1-2 Day WordPress Crash Courses in WP fundamentals. Check the outline of topics I will cover here.. Read the link here


More and more startups look towards WordPress to get their website off the ground, and for good reason! WordPress is Open Source, so you’re not locked into one vendor forever; it integrates well with search and social marketing; it’s easy to manage; and the themes are either free or cost very little! It’s many a startup’s dream come true.

However, getting a solid WordPress site off the ground is actually not so simple. First of all, it’s a website – it needs to take into consideration everything that any website needs to have, like usable navigation, organized content, calls-to-action, etc. In addition to the standard website issues, it’s important to go into setting up a WordPress site as an educated consumer. To learn more about what I will cover in my 1-2 Day WordPress Bootcamp in Tennessee, please sign up in the image link below.

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