I signed up for the WordPress Training Online and met with Elle.  He took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure that I thoroughly understood all of the themes, plugins, etc.  I know I will work with him again in the future and I would definitely recommend him to my friend and colleagues as he is very proficient in what he does with competitive rates.

Thanks Again Elle!!

Jose Acosta

I highly, highly recommend WordPress Workshops for Beginners with instructor Elle. I took the 1 day intensive workshop and at the end of the day, I had an active website with a slide show, links to a Facebook page, a blog, contact page and gallery. The class exceeded my expectations. Also, with no additional charge, Elle set me up with a Facebook page to go along with my website. I am now able to update my website and blog without having to ask any assistance from a web designer. It is fantastic, exciting and I feel empowered to manage my business and its marketing. Again, I highly recommend Elle if you are looking to create a website for your business and receive the training to make updates on your own.

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You are a fantastic teacher, I don’t know how to thank you enough!  It was really fun too even though my brain was fried by the end of the day.

You get a lot of “Bang for your Bucks” with this WP Bootcamp. I had my blog designed by an expensive designer whom I also hired to update it with content created by her at a monthly fee. How dumb is that? Consequently, I ended up with a beautifully designed blog without a clue on how to update it. When I asked for training, my designer quoted fees rather than code to me so I left it dormant for nearly 2 years.

After a while my blog lost all traction, affiliates and ad revenue, and FB fans due to inactivity, I Googled “WordPress courses in my town” and found WP WKDPS f/BGNNRS, and the rest is history.  What really appealed to me was that I could bootcamp in my own home–which is what happened!

Actually, Elle discovered some shady designer goings ons in the framework of my blog–the worst being that my designer literally locked me out of my own blog by programming secret code so I couldn’t change how it worked to fit my specifications. Elle broke the code and we were able to start fresh on my blog with an updated look and better navigation. There were other similar iterations Elle discovered and mitigated so I could be in control of my own blog and not be reliant, in any way, upon a designer.

Elle got me up to speed on how to create, populate and update my blog with content, including media, widgets, etc., and all within the two days he spent in my home office.

He is an affable, humorous, and very, very patient instructor whom I highly recommend if you need to learn WP or want to create a blog. He makes everything seem easy then backs it up with equally easy to follow instructions that match how your brain processes information. Genius!

Wanetta Doty