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Beto Oliveros is one of my newer students who runs a catering business in Orange County. After two meetings, he was able to tweak his new website to looking more professional. Beto started with zero knowledge and programming but he was eager to learn.

Check out the Yummy Mole Website

Andres Orozco is a filmmaker, professor, and actor. He resides in Los Angeles, California and is co-founder of Novelas EducativasHe , a production company that produces narrative films, which inform Latinos how to navigate educational, financial, and health systems. Andrés is also a SAG actor with numerous film credits.

Visit Andres Orozco website

Carrie Lederer is a very talented and well-travelled Los Angeles-based filmmaker. After flying around the world for more than 20 years she was nicknamed ” Carrier Pigeon “.

Check out Carrier Pigeon Productions Website

George Borghi shoots professional custom videos and also the director of sales for Totally Wired Electric. I showed George how to use the amazing premium WP template called Enfold

Check out Totally Wired Electric website

Taylor Martin is a young and talented graphic designer from the FIDM school in Los Angeles. She can create logos, posters, business cards, brochures, & web graphics for an affordable price.

Check out Heads or Tails Graphics website

Taylor also created and programmed an E-commerce for his dad’s website in Florida

Check out TKOCompetition Dev Website

Valerie is a French entrepreneur based in San Francisco who recently open her online website promoting healthy food bars. Valerie created Betterthancoffee  after 15 years spent in IT Corporate Sales. Always on-the-go for work or leisure she was looking for healthy snacks to keep her going the extra mile during her long working days. Not satisfied with the current offer, packed with sugar, she started making her own bars at home. One thing leading to another and after months of research about the market, the ingredients, the industry regulations and lab tests, Better Than Coffee  snack bar, concept came to life.

Visit Betterthancoffee  website

Lucy maintains the WordPress sites at Galaxy Press. She also writes all the E-books about L. Ron Hubbard. Lucy is very adept with HTML & CSS.

Visit Galaxy Press

Clay Clayton owns the most popular Tattoo shop in Studio City called Studio City Tattoo. He is currently building his first E-commerce site using E-Commerce.

Check out Clay’s E -Commerce site


Cloud Base Engineering – Marc Webster’s E-Commerce site using Woo-Commerce plugin

By the way, if you ever need to learn WordPress online when I’m not available check out Kirk Biglione WP Apprentice website. You will be amaze on how much you can learn.

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